Cultivation of Tinospora Cordifolia /Giloe

Cultivation of Tinospora Cordifolia /Giloe

Tinospora cordifolia generally named Guduchi / Amrita in Sanskrit, Hindi name is Giloe / Gurcha belongs to the family Menispermaceae is a hereditarily assorted, enormous, deciduous climbing bush with greenish-yellow ordinary blossoms, found in every part of India. This plant has great medicinal importance especially stem and root. Giloe is endemic to India and can grow well in both tropical and subtropical regions with an altitude of 600 to 800 meters

Botanical Description of Tinospora cordifolia or Giloe ;

1) It is a climbing deciduous shrub that has several twanging branches with elongated leaves
2) Leaves are ovate and acute 15- 20 cms. in length
3) Flowers are unisexual dioecious yellow
4) Fruit of 3 shortly stalked subglobose drupes
5) The bark of this plant is grey-brown or creamy white, warty, papery thin, and can be peeled off easily.
6) The aerial roots of this plant arises from nodal scars of branches.

Medicinal Importance of Tinospora Cordifolia  or Giloe ;

Giloe can be taken in powder form, juice form, and capsule form. The stem of giloe has more utility in comparison to the roots and leaves. The Important uses of Giloe are ;
1) Boosts immunity it is a power-house of anti-oxidant which keeps cell healthy and disease-free
2) Used to cure chronic Fever; Giloe is antipyretic in nature and the juice of its leaves helps to cure fever
3) Help to improve digestion
4) Giloe is used to cure several respiratory problems
5) It reduces stress and anxiety
6) Wonder plant in the treatment of diabetes
7) Helps in improving the vision
8) Used to cure asthmatic disorders

Nutritive Values of Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloe;

T. cordifolia contains with high fiber (15.8%), protein (4.5%-11.2%), sugar (61.66%), and low fat (3.1%). T. cordifolia nutritive worth is 292.54 calories per 100 grams. It has high potassium (0.845%), high chromium (0.006%), adequate iron (0.28%) and adequate calcium (0.131%), significant in different administrative capacity

Climate and Soil Requirement for Tinospora Cordifolia  or Giloe Cultivation ;

Giloe is a plant of tropical and subtropical conditions and it can be grown in any type of soils but the light sandy loam soil enriches in organic content are more suitable for its growth. This plant can tolerate waterlogged conditions and heavy rains

Propagation of T. cordifolia/Giloe

Planting Method ;
It can be grown by seeds or vegetative cuttings. Seeds take more time to mature in comparison to vegetative cutting hence the vegetative cutting is the best. The stem cutting for vegetative propagation can be obtained from the mother plant in the month of May- June. to achieve greater medicinal values it requires support to grow and it can be provided with the help of wooden stakes or tralies or some trees like mango etc
Field Preparation;
Land should be well ploughed and harrowed Apply 10 tonnes of FYM and half doses of nitrogen 75 kg must be applied at the time of field preparation
Raising the propagules Through Nursery techniques ;
1) Stem cuttings are planted in poly bags of size 4 inches X 6 inches in the month of Feb – Mar. 

2) The poly bags must be filled by using Mud: cow-dung/Vermicompost: Sand in a ratio of 1:1:1 
3) Cutting takes 20 – 25 days  
4) it will be ready to transplant in the month of May –June For a hectare 
5) Approximately 2500 cuttings are required 
6) it is transplanted in the main field at a spacing of 3M X 3M to obtained a good yield. 
7) There is no specific treatment required for the plant

Intercultural operations in Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloe;

There should be no weeds in the field otherwise the growth of the crop get suppress therefore it is recommended two to three periodic hoeing must be applied for the good growth of twiner

Irrigation Requirement in Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloe;

 The crop is grown under the rainfed condition hence there is no requirement for regular irrigation However under extreme cold and extreme dry spell light irrigation must be given.

Harvesting of Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloe;

Harvest the stem in the autumn season from the base when it attains the diameter of more than the 3 cms rest of the plant is left for further growth.
Cut the stems delicately into small pieces dry it shades and kept them under the cool and airy stores

The Yield of Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloe; 

On an average from one-hectare land, 10 – 12 quintals fresh woody stem yield can be achieved during a period of two years which can be sold up to 30 to 35 rupees /kg 
As we know the market of medicinal plant is very volatile therefore its economy may vary

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