List of Agricultural Universities in India

The historical backdrop of agricultural education in India can be followed back to the medieval age period when an courses of agriculture was included for the educational programs of Nalanda and Takshashila .
Universities as a significant subject. Nonetheless, formalized courses in agricultural education started uniquely toward the start of the twentieth century when six agricultural schools were set up at Kanpur, Lyalpur (presently in Pakistan), Coimbatore and Nagpur in 1905, at Pune in 1907 and at Sabour in 1908 under the General Universities. After the autonomy, the Administration of India started a broad arranging measure. To guarantee precise development, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), which is the pinnacle body for planning, directing, and overseeing research and training in horticulture in the whole nation, started to lead the pack and drafted the first Model Act for Agricultural Universities in Quite a while in 1966 and energized the setting up of selective State Agricultural Universities for research, extension, and education uphold.
The first Agriculture University in the nation was set up in 1960 at Pantnagar (presently in Uttarakhand), which made ready for the foundation of agricultural universities in different states. As of now, there are 73 Agricultural Universities (AUs) including five Deemed to-be universities, three Central Agricultural Universities, what’s more, four Central Universities with agribusiness personnel. The admission limit of understudies, which was under 5,000 out of 1960, has now gone up to 40,000. With around 350 constituent universities, these AUs select, on a yearly premise, around 25,000 understudies at UG level, over 15,000 at Masters’ level, and Ph.D. programs. What’s more, there are numerous private associated universities selecting a large number of understudies yearly. There are about 23,000 researchers for instructing, research, and extension under the present ICAR-Agricultural Universities (AUs) framework. Degree courses in 11 UG disciplines and 93 controls at PG level are offered with an accentuation on learning through hands-on training meetings. About 52% of understudies conceded are from the country foundation and 36% are young ladies.
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